About us


MBvision is machine vision integrator and machine vision Inspection Company, providing vision inspection solutions for challenging applications.

We combine software, hardware, data analytics and our multi-disciplinary set of skills in wide range of industries to improve our customers. And they appreciate our efforts getting to the core of their problem and come up with solution tailored to their needs. From original idea to final solution we start at any point as consultants, system integrators or we can build entire vision system as turnkey solution.

Our core competence is in precision measuring, object detection, object inspection, surface defect detection, feature detection,  color identification, 3D vision, robot control, pattern recognition , image archiving, optical character recognition (OCR), optical character verification (OCV),  algorithms and IN-LINE detection, By using line scan cameras, 2D cameras , 3D cameras or 3D laser head inspection and measuring.

We’re not a machine building company that does vision, we’re a vision company that provides automation.

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