Case study projects



In the past and present we come across problems and demands from customers that need to be confirm or additional test  must be preformed.   In this way we can determine if vision system can detect the defect, how accurate it can be detected and with what reliability.

Some of these case studies have been used to make custom vision systems and some of them never come to be realized in practice.  See below.

We can perform a case study for your product.

3D control of wood patch

We made a study of upgrading the control of wood patches with a 3D camera and came to the ...

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Machine vision for reading digital and analogue counters

Presentation We were making a concept for automatic inspection system for digital and analog ...

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Automotive Catalyst Inspection

Presentation   We were asked to make a concept for automatic ceramic and metallic ...

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Quality control of wooden rails

Presentation Wooden rails are made in large quantities and it is hard to see all possible ...

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Inspection of lamination stack in electro motors

Presentation The assembly of lamination sheets into stacks is used to produce stators and ...

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Inspection of hand inserted lelectronic components on circuit boards

Presentation After automatic placement and soldering of small components on circuit boards, the ...

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Inspection of filters

Presentation We had to consider the following problems: The integrity of the mesh, Accurate ...

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Plastic caps with foil inspection

Presentation In food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry caps with foil are used. The foil is ...

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Accurat position of wire inside the mold for plastic

Presentation A plastic product with two metal contacts in thin plastic wall is produced. Since ...

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