Custom vision systems



MBvision is constantly developing customer-specific special-purpose systems to meet end users requirements. We are independet machine vision  integartor. This means that we are able to use any machine vision software and hardware on the market.

If you cannot find a project similar to your need on this web page , please contact us , we would like to lerne more about your specific application  . We look forward to discussing your unique project with you.


Big dowel and stick system BDS1

Presentation BDS1 measures and performs quality control of big dowels or sticks from 100 to 260 ...

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Big Dowel System – 2nd generation BDS2

Presentation BDS2 (Second Generation Big Dowel System) measures and performs quality control of ...

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System for shaft length and curvature control

A big telecentric lens camera attached above the conveyor is continuously sending ...

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Special dowel system WDS1

Presentation System for measuring special dowels consists of two measuring stations. The first ...

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Robotic guide rod inspection system GRS1

Presentation Optical measuring device is inspecting guide rods with precision of 2 micrometers. ...

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Cilindric part inspection KVS1

Presentation System consists of two scara robots and measuring stations that inspect the part ...

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Wood patch control system PCS

Presentation Wood patch control system measures and controls different sizes of wood patches. ...

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Flexible and programmable control system for various metal products

Presentation The system measures dimensions of various metal products moving down the slide ...

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Glow plug housing inspection with thread repair GPI1

Presentation The system is designed to inspect different models of glow plug housings. The ...

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Steel plant width gauge control system

Presentation Stereo system, consisting of two cameras measures width of hot metal plates moving ...

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Vision inspection of NOX holder with thread gauging

 Presentation System can inspect different models of NOX holders. The system uses cameras to ...

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Mass contacts 3D inspection

Presentation Due to the specific shape of the mass contacts, it is difficult to handle them, ...

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Surface and porosity inspection of motor housing

Presentation System consists of robot and measuring stations that inspect surface imperfections ...

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Surface and porosity inspection of electronic housing

Presentation System consists of of robot and measuring stations that inspect surface ...

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Inspection of electrode curving and position

Presentation The device uses two cameras to determine the position of the two electrodes in the ...

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