Electro industry



The electro industry has its fingers in big part of our everyday lives with electronics circuit being present in products like washing machines, smartphones or simple LED lights. Because of this production has to be in high volume which makes it difficult to use just humans for defects check especially in cases where the defects can be microscopic. Vision systems do not experience those same difficulties as the can check defects at much higher speeds even at microscopic scales with proper optics.

As a company which has a long record of developing and implementing vision systems, we have experience working with the electronics industry and so we can provide custom solutions for the electronics industry like checking batch numbers on chips with OCR, verifying components misalignment using pattern recognition and detecting PCB shorts and voids with object detection.


Rotor optical control system

Presentation The system measures rotors on two positions. When the rotor reaches first ...

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Stator production line control system

Presentation The system controls stators in 3 difeerent production phases with 4 cameras in ...

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3D connector pin position control

Presentation Control system is checking the positions of pins along the x, y and z axes. Object ...

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Soldering inspection on stator of eletric motor

Presentation The inspection device is part of the device for production of electric motor ...

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Mass contacts 3D inspection

Presentation Due to the specific shape of the mass contacts, it is difficult to handle them, ...

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Soldering inspection on sensor

Presentation System controls the quality of soldering between the wire and the circuit board. ...

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Spring control on safety switch

Presentation   After years of successful operation of vision control device on safety ...

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Luminosity control of LED lights

Presentation The system controls luminosity of lights with a LED lamp. It also scans the ...

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Pin soldering control

Presentation The system controls the quality of soldering of the pins on printed circuit ...

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