Big Dowel System – 2nd generation BDS2

BDS2 measuring tunel
BDS2 laser 3D


BDS2 (Second Generation Big Dowel System) measures and performs quality control of large wood dowels and rods between 110 and 300 mm in size and 5 to 25 mm in diameter. Inspection speed is 1 m/s. (60 m/min)

The system first performs a rough check on the length, diameter, and curvature of the dowels or sticks. Taking out the ones that not fit criteria. Then each stick goes through three controls.

Color control: Each stick or dowel is carefully inspected with four cameras looking for color defects, knots and imperfections on the surface.

Measuring control: Precise measurement of dowels or rods using 7 line cameras with measurement accuracy of 0.05 mm and 0.02 mm when measuring diameter. We also check the cones for the dowels. The measuring section also has a area camera that checks the shape of the end and the beginning of the bars and dowels.

3D control: Four laser heads control the shape of sticks and dowels. We are looking for holes, cracks, scratches, damage and deviation of the cross-section of the wooden rods and dowels.

Pieces that do not meet the set criteria are eliminated according to errors or. at the user’s request.

The device can be designed to check different rod shapes (triangular, square, rectangular …), different lengths and different diameters. It can be used for inspecting the quality of solid hardwood flooring or hardwood strips in production of block boards, glued laminated wood or glue laminated timber. Quality control system can be adapted for control of bamboo stripes in production of bamboo plywood, bamboo lumber, bamboo parquet and other bamboo flooring.