Dowel measuring system DMS5



We developed our first wood dowel measuring and sorting system 25 years ago. Through the experience, expectations from wooden dowel producers and new demands from the furniture industry we’ve developed the most advanced dowel pin measuring and sorting system in the world. DMS5 presents the 5th generation of our wood dowel inspection system that combines measuring, scanning and image control of wooden dowels.

Control and measuring process

The presorting sensor measures the length of the dowel pin and sorts out any dowels that are too short or too long. Next in line is the presorting camera which takes a photo of each wooden dowel and controls the appearance, color, black marks and knots. The camera also controls the width and length of the dowel pin. Dowels that do not meet the criteria are sorted out. Finally, wooden dowels are scanned and measured with six cameras positioned around each separate dowel pin. Cameras measure every dowel at 800 positions. From the measuring and scans we get the 3D shape of the wooden dowel. The system then calculates: length of the dowel, width of the dowel, presence of a cone, cone angle, cone length, missing parts of the dowel, splinters, dowel volume, dowel body shape (ellipse) and much more.



Tolerances can be set for all measurements and the dowels are sorted out accordingly. DMS5 system can measure wooden dowel pins that are 20 to 60 mm long and between 5 and 12 mm in diameter. Changing the settings for different wood dowel size and length to be measured is simple and fast. For fluent production we can connect to the system via internet to provide immediate maintenance assistance. Currently there are more than 80 DMS5 systems performing quality control of wooden dowel pins with a total capacity of 100 million dowel pins per day. We are associated with 23 dowel manufacturing companies in Europe, USA, S.America and China.

Advantages for Dowel pin Manufacturers:

  • ACCURACY: The DMS5 system measures dowels with 0.02 mm precision, so the DIN 68150 standard is easy to support. The quality of wooden dowels is constant, because there is no human factor involved.
  • GREAT SPEED: The system has a capacity of 12-15 dowels per second, 50.000 to 55.000 dowels per hour.
  • HIGH QUALITY: All the dowels are precisely measured, so 100% of dowels corresponds to production specifications and customer demands.
  • UP TIME 24/7: The DMS5 system is built to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • PRODUCTION OVERVIEW: The DMS5 system offers a statistical overview of dowel measurements, which can help manufacturers adjust the production to ensure minimum waste of material and maximum profits.
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: The customers are constantly provided with wood dowels of first class quality and are interested in long-term cooperation.

Advantages for Furniture Industry:

  • EXCELLENT PRODUCT: DMS5 ensures you are buying dowels that are 100% tested according to general standards and specific demands.
  • SAVE WORKING HOURS: DMS5 tested dowel pins will lower equipment jams and raise the productivity.
  • SAVE MATERIAL: DMS5 tested dowels will not damage or crack furniture parts, nor will they cause loose joints, because wooden dowels will always be 100% within the demanded tolerances.
  • SAVE MONEY: No more repairs on site nor changing the customer’s furniture or furniture parts due to a bad dowel.
  • HIGHER REPUTATION: No more warranty claims regarding a loose join or cracked furniture parts caused by bad dowels. Every dowel joint will be strong and will make the furniture more stable and long-lasting.
Characteristics Millimeters [mm] Inches [inch]
Dowel length min: 20 maks: 60 min: 0,787382 maks: 2,362145
Dowel diameter min: 5 maks: 12 min min: 0,196845 maks: 0,472429
Dowel cone length min: 0 maks: 3 min: 0 maks: 0,118107
Resolution length 0,01 0,000394
Resolution diameter 0,02 0,000787
Frequency of measurement 1000 /s 39,36909 /s
Tolerances Millimeters [mm] Inches [inch]
Dowel length +/- 0,1 do 2 +/- 0,003937 do 0,078738
Dowel diameter +/- 0,1 do 1 +/- 0,003937 do 0,039369
Dowel cone length +/- 0,1 do 1 +/- 0,003937 do 0,039369
Other characteristics and requirements
System capacity 50.000 – 55.000 moznikov / uro
Power supply AC 230 V; 0,6 kW
Connection Internetni dostop
Air pressure 6 – 10 bar; 20 l/min
Dimensions 3500 x 1700 x 2000 mm
Net weight ~700 kg

DMS5 components and equipment

A working DMS5 includes:

  • Reservoir for dowels with an elevator.
  • Rotary supplier – orientates and supplies dowels on the line.
  • Presorting system.
  • Presorting camera for color control of the dowels.
  • Optical measurement box with six cameras.
  • Light system.
  • Automatic light cleaning system.
  • Air system.
  • Software and Windows 7 Professional.
  • Instruction manual for maintenance and use.
  • Electronic box:
    • Computer with monitor, mouse and keyboard.
    • Interface for six cameras.
    • Electronic interface and control for sensors and motors.
    • Power supply.
    • UPS for computer and electronics.


Improved sorting of dowel colour, for birch dowels.

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Sorting of bigger dowels.

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Big Dowel System – 2nd generation, measures and performs quality control of large wood dowels and rods between 110 and 300 mm in size and 5 to 25 mm in diameter

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Double exit route:

In order to ensure uninterrupted sorting of the dowels, a second exit route can be added for the dowels that have passed the quality test. The system of two exit routes controlled by the computer enables you to set the amount of good dowels that leave through one exit route and when the desired number is reached, it starts sending good dowels through the other exit route. While the second container of dowels is being filled, you can empty the first container and repeat this procedure indefinitely, allowing DMS5 to measure and sort the dowels without interruption. The two buttons and the corresponding lights on the front panel offer manual control of filling containers. When the button is pressed, the system knows that the corresponding container is ready. The system is fully customizable and can be adapted according to your needs.


Double exit route with platform scales

In addition to the double exit route system described above, we can add one platform scale for each of the two exit routes. When the container on one scale reaches the desired weight, the system switches to the second container and starts filling it up, making it possible to empty the first container without interrupting the entire process of the DMS5 system. Scales are connected to the computer, making it possible for you to measure the exact weight of the dowels that pass through the system. The system also counts the dowels, informing you of the weight of the exact number of dowels that have passed the quality test.
Double exit route wood dowel measuring system DMS5 with digital scales


Representative for Latin America

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