Object detection

Motors Domel


Determining the presence or absence of objects. It can be a whole object detection for counting purposes or just a part object detection for inspection purposes. Common applications are:

  • Label detection
  • PCB parts detection
  • Part and component count in pallets
  • Product presence in packages


Water pump quality control system

Presentation System checks for errors in breakthrough holes, surface errors in seal grooves and ...

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System for controlling silicon application on metal covers

Presentation The color camera and the laser that scans the surface of the cover create a 3D ...

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System for damage control on ceramic parts of thermostats

Presentation The system controls the possible damage of ceramics after thermostat installation. ...

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Vision inspection of NOX holder with thread gauging

 Presentation System can inspect different models of NOX holders. The system uses cameras to ...

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Wood biscuits measuring and sorting system LMS3

Presentation LMS3 System can measure different sizes of wood biscuits (0, 10, 20, S6, H9, P4, ...

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Soldering of termostat

Presentation The device inspects presence and quality of the soldering of thermostat on the ...

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Proper bimetal placement in protector

Presentation The inspection device is part of the device for assembling ceramic protectors. ...

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Soldering inspection on stator of eletric motor

Presentation The inspection device is part of the device for production of electric motor ...

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Soldering inspection on sensor

Presentation System controls the quality of soldering between the wire and the circuit board. ...

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Control of plastic holder with wheels

Presentation The control device is the part of the machine that assembles two wheels on the ...

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Control of adhesive on metal tape

Presentation In cooperation with the manufacturer of magnetic strips for Magnetic scale, we ...

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Control system for the presence of motors

Presentation The system controls and documents the presence of motors inside the pallet. The ...

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Luminosity control of LED lights

Presentation The system controls luminosity of lights with a LED lamp. It also scans the ...

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Pin soldering control

Presentation The system controls the quality of soldering of the pins on printed circuit ...

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Inspection of electrode curving and position

Presentation The device uses two cameras to determine the position of the two electrodes in the ...

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