Paper and plastic industry



Paper and plastic industries benefit a lot from vision systems. In the paper industry the surface defects on paper are difficult for a human eye to detect if not for proper lighting conditions so a lot of effort needs to be put in by the one who is inspecting to detect the defect which makes the inspection process slow. The plastic industry on the other hand poses problems with its complex shapes of plastic moulds since a human eye takes a lot of effort to detect defects on these moulds it gets tired relatively quickly which then affects the quality of inspection. These problems are solved with vision systems that have proper lighting conditions and advanced software for detecting defects in complex’s shapes in minimal amount of time.

With our long record of developing and implementing vision systems with advanced lighting techniques together with tailored image processing algorithms we can provide customized solution for customers in both the plastic and paper industry which focus on surface and colour inspection, precision measuring and general defect check.


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