Wood industry



The wood industry relies heavily on vision systems to optimize their processes so there is a little waste as possible and therefore maximizing profit. Vision systems can provide quality wood inspection with geometry inspection, colour inspection, surface inspection and much more. Although humans with a well-trained eye can spot wood defects quite well their speed and repeatability are well surpassed by vision systems which again helps the companies in the wood industry to maximize their profits and efficiency.

Companies from the wood industry have been one of our regular clients through the years so our experience in developing custom solutions for them is vast. The solutions concentrate on surface inspection colour inspection and dimensionality measurement.


Dowel measuring system DMS5

Overview We developed our first wood dowel measuring and sorting system 25 years ago. Through ...

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Big dowel and stick system BDS1

Presentation BDS1 measures and performs quality control of big dowels or sticks from 100 to 260 ...

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Big Dowel System – 2nd generation BDS2

Presentation BDS2 (Second Generation Big Dowel System) measures and performs quality control of ...

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Dowel measuring system DMS6 XL

Presentation With the innovation of DMS6 we can also produce the DMS6 XL version that can ...

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Dowel measuring system DMS6

Presentation We developed the 6th generation of wood dowel measuring and sorting system for ...

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Special dowel system WDS1

Presentation System for measuring special dowels consists of two measuring stations. The first ...

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Wood patch control system PCS

Presentation Wood patch control system measures and controls different sizes of wood patches. ...

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Wood biscuits measuring and sorting system LMS3

Presentation LMS3 System can measure different sizes of wood biscuits (0, 10, 20, S6, H9, P4, ...

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