3D control of wood patch

3D smolnica2

We made a study of upgrading the control of wood patches with a 3D camera and came to the conclusion that the use of a 3D sensor is necessary because impressions, holes and errors in the shape of the patch can not be detected only by camera views from different directions.

The first image shows a hole on the side of the wood patch that we cannot identify with the camera. The laser line, however, penetrates to the depth of the hole and indicates damage to the camera.

3D smolnica1

The second figure shows the damage to the patch shape that occurs during fabrication when the resin jumps slightly in the seat. The shape of the upper arch is otherwise curved but still acceptable. The defect is also manifested in the shape and thickness of the resin, which is irregular in certain places and does not meet the requirements.

3D smolnica3

The third image shows a laser beam showing damage on wood patch side.