Metal industry



Vision systems have a significant presence in the metal industry which and it is not difficult to see why this is the case. The metal industry is known for its difficult working conditions and at the same time requires quality products with air tight tolerances. Those are not criteriums that humans can uphold but vision systems on the other hand can. Providing surface inspection, non-contact dimensionality measurement, colour inspection and object detection.

Companies from the metal industry are one of our regular clients where we are providing them with custom solutions that are tailored for the specific needs. Most of the vision systems that we developed and implemented for them are concerned with the inspection of parts that the companies produce for the automotive industry. Our solutions are concentrated on surface inspection of parts, colour analysis, precision measuring and general defect checks.


Rotor optical control system

Presentation The system measures rotors on two positions. When the rotor reaches first ...

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System for shaft length and curvature control

A big telecentric lens camera attached above the conveyor is continuously sending ...

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Robotic guide rod inspection system GRS1

Presentation Optical measuring device is inspecting guide rods with precision of 2 micrometers. ...

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Cilindric part inspection KVS1

Presentation System consists of two scara robots and measuring stations that inspect the part ...

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Circular vision control system CVCS

Presentation CVCS system consists of delivery and control sections, both adaptable to the size ...

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Flexible and programmable control system for various metal products

Presentation The system measures dimensions of various metal products moving down the slide ...

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Glow plug housing inspection with thread repair GPI1

Presentation The system is designed to inspect different models of glow plug housings. The ...

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Steel plant width gauge control system

Presentation Stereo system, consisting of two cameras measures width of hot metal plates moving ...

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Diesel glow plug quality control system

Presentation System is measuring dimensions of diesel spark plug casings and dimensions of the ...

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Water pump quality control system

Presentation System checks for errors in breakthrough holes, surface errors in seal grooves and ...

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Seat belt winder control

Presentation Seat belt winder control system is monitoring the presence of pins and size of the ...

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Aluminum castings control system

Presentation The system is inspecting aluminum castings breakthrough holes according to the ...

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Mass contacts 3D inspection

Presentation Due to the specific shape of the mass contacts, it is difficult to handle them, ...

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Screw inspection system

Presentation This screw inspection system was retrofited with new cameras, electronic and ...

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Surface and porosity inspection of motor housing

Presentation System consists of robot and measuring stations that inspect surface imperfections ...

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Surface and porosity inspection of electronic housing

Presentation System consists of of robot and measuring stations that inspect surface ...

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Welding control of spark tip

Presentation Optical welding control in the first version with a smart camera did not work ...

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