Other industries

Other industry


With our vast experience in setting up vision systems for companies in a variety of different industries we have contributed to improved quality control processes, more efficient manufacturing, money savings and to a more reliable manufacturing process.

Below we have listed some of the additional industries we can provide quality solutions to, which encompass all of the benefits mentioned above:

  • Solar cell industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Food industry
  • Tool industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Rubber industry


System for damage control on ceramic parts of thermostats

Presentation The system controls the possible damage of ceramics after thermostat installation. ...

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Soldering of termostat

Presentation The device inspects presence and quality of the soldering of thermostat on the ...

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Proper bimetal placement in protector

Presentation The inspection device is part of the device for assembling ceramic protectors. ...

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Control of plastic holder with wheels

Presentation The control device is the part of the machine that assembles two wheels on the ...

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Control of adhesive on metal tape

Presentation In cooperation with the manufacturer of magnetic strips for Magnetic scale, we ...

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Inspection of electrode curving and position

Presentation The device uses two cameras to determine the position of the two electrodes in the ...

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