Standard vision systems



MBvision has developed variety of standard testing and sorting systems for the 100% inspection of different pieces and mass-produced parts.

Where necessary we can adapt this standard systems and software to meet your requirements. Our customers can be sure that only items that fit the criteria can leave their production.

  • Wood dowel inspection system
  • Glass turntable inspection system
  • Glass slide inspection system
  • Screw inspection system


Dowel measuring system DMS5

Overview We developed our first wood dowel measuring and sorting system 25 years ago. Through ...

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Dowel measuring system DMS6 XL

Presentation With the innovation of DMS6 we can also produce the DMS6 XL version that can ...

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Dowel measuring system DMS6

Presentation We developed the 6th generation of wood dowel measuring and sorting system for ...

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Circular vision control system CVCS

Presentation CVCS system consists of delivery and control sections, both adaptable to the size ...

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Wood biscuits measuring and sorting system LMS3

Presentation LMS3 System can measure different sizes of wood biscuits (0, 10, 20, S6, H9, P4, ...

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Control system for the presence of motors

Presentation The system controls and documents the presence of motors inside the pallet. The ...

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