Circular vision control system CVCS



CVCS system consists of delivery and control sections, both adaptable to the size and the type of self-standing elements to be processed. The delivery section starts with an elevator that feeds the elements to the circular vibrator and pushes the elements on the linear vibrator. At the end of the linear vibrator, elements are evenly distributed on a rotating table made of glass, which enables cameras to take pictures from as many different angles as possible. The control part of the system is highly modular and can be adapted based on the customers needs. The number and the type of modules depends on dimension, presence of spikes and porosity, surface and interior scan of the element, the need of 3D model of the element, etc. At the end of the control section a pneumatic system blows elements appropriately into containers with good, bad and optionally conditional elements. The counting of the elements enables automatic packing and adding empty containers on the production line. CVCS system is controled by 4 computer systems that supervise complete operation of the machine, displaying optical processing and store statistical data of all measured and controlled elements. Computer software with graphic interface is highly programmable and can be adapted for various types and sizes of the elements.

Based on the size of the elements, capacity of the system varies between 100 and 250 elements per minute, which is up to 360.000 per day, since the system is designed and constructed to operate uninterruptable for 7 days per week. Vacuum cleaner for smaller, dusty parts in integrated into the system and with attached instructions for cleaning lasers, camera and telecenter lens, the maintenance of the CVCS system is simple.